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2 Nov. 2006


NATO's Afghanistan priorities

Video interview with NATO's Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, Ambassador Daan Everts

NATO in Afghanistan
NATO's Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan
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NATO's top diplomat in Afghanistan, Ambassador Daan Everts, talks about his priorities, assess what has been accomplished so far, and what needs to be done in key areas such as reconstruction, tackling drugs and corruption, as well as in building up the Afghan army and police.

Could you tell us briefly about your tasks as NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan? .wmv/512Kb
That is a broad mandate, what are the issues that you will be focusing on particularly in the coming months? .wmv/714Kb
The build up of Afghanistan’s army and police is a key component of the stabilisation process, is this on track? What is NATO’s role? .wmv/753Kb
The drug industry and corruption are two other significant challenges, what is NATO’s role in this area? .wmv/1016Kb
Recent media reports claimed that Taliban are using the border with Pakistan to move in and out of Afghanistan. Is this a problem, and if so, how can it be addressed? .wmv/1092Kb
What do you believe are the key achievements of NATO’s role in Afghanistan to date? .wmv/1656Kb
How do you gauge the public mood in Afghanistan, particularly in the face of quite intense fighting in the south? .wmv/1292Kb