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2 Nov. 2006


UN in Afghanistan

Video interview with the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Ambassador Chris Alexander

NATO in Afghanistan
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Biography of Christopher Alexander, DSRSG (PA)
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United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

Ambassador Alexander talks about the United Nation's and international community's priorities in Afghanistan, including building up the Afghan police, speeding up reconstruction and development, tackling the drugs industry and corruption.



In media reports on Afghanistan, it is often difficult to tell where the UN leaves off and NATO begins. Can you tell us what the UN does in Afghanistan? .wmv/1872Kb
You briefed the North Atlantic Council this afternoon. Can you tell us what your message was to them? .wmv/1375Kb
There have been criticisms in the media recently about the pace of development of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police. How would you respond to these criticisms? .wmv/1890Kb
There have also been criticisms about the pace of “reconstruction and development” in Afghanistan. What exactly does this term mean, and what conditions have to exist for it to take place? .wmv/1972Kb
The issues of counter-narcotics and corruption have been recurrent in recent media reports. How is the UN tackling these problems? What progress has been made? .wmv/2187Kb
There has been public debate in some countries about the international community’s role in Afghanistan. What would be your message to them? .wmv/2439Kb
Has the international community, though the United Nations, been involved in promoting a peace and reconciliation process with the Taliban? .wmv/3082Kb