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6 June 2005


Looking back on three years
of military transformation

Farewell video interview with General Harald Kujat,
the outgoing Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

General Kujat looks back on his three years as Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, the Alliance's senior military authority. He talks about some of the key developments in those three years, the military challenges the Alliance faces today, how it is adapting to face those challenges, and his predictions for NATO's future.


What events stand out to you from the past three years?

What do you understand by the term military transformation? .wmv/686Kb
What more could NATO do to be able to combat terrorism? .wmv/1367Kb
NATO faced some challenges in staffing and equipping its mission in Afghanistan, what could be done to avoide this in the future? .wmv/2310Kb

National caveats place on the use of troops assigned for NATO operations, are said to pose a problem for commanders on the ground. How great is this a problem? And how can it be overcome?

The number of operational demands placed on the Alliance continues to grow. How close is the Alliance to its capacity in terms of meeting its operational requirements? .wmv/1315Kb

You said that the creation of the NATO Response Force was one of the more exciting developments in NATO's military transformation.
How do you envisage the use of the NATO Response Force?

At present the NATO Response Force is a predominantly European force. Would it benefit from greater US participation? .wmv/996Kb
Considering that NATO now has one command for operations, does it still need a Military Committee and an international military staff? .wmv/1904Kb
Given all this change happening now, how do you see NATO ten years from now? .wmv/1249Kb
After three years as chairman of NATO's Military Committee, what are you moving on to do? .wmv/653Kb
A message from General Kujat to troops serving in NATO's operations and missions .wmv/605Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/9397Kb