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12 May 2004

Investing in the fight against terrorism

Video interview with Marshall Billingslea
Assistant Secretary General
for Defence Investment

Marshall Billingslea, NATO's Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, talks about the role of his Division in NATO's fight against terrorism. He specifically describes a recently-launched packet of projects and programmes aimed at developing cutting-edge capabilities for combating terrorism.

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First of all could you explain the role of the Defence Investment Division and then tell us what role it plays in NATO's fight against terrorism? 793Kb
In practical and concrete terms, what programs and projects are being put into place to fight terrorism? 740Kb
Which additional measures would you like to see NATO taking in the field of anti-terrorism? 850Kb
You have professional experience in counter terrorism. In which direction do you see NATO going in this area? 492Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/2175Kb