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22 Oct. 2003

Science Partnership Prize 2003

Breakthrough in ophthalmic imaging

Dr. Andrey Larichev (Russia) and Dr. Leonard John Otten (USA) are the joint winners of the 2003 NATO Science Partnership Prize, for their collaboration through a NATO Science for Peace grant on development of a new high resolution imaging system used in examining the human retina. In this interview they talk about their work together and the breakthrough technology they were able to develop.

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What were your reactions when you were told that you had won the NATO prize? 681Kb
Why is the imager such a breakthrough? 642Kb
What role did NATO’s support play in the project? 889Kb
Dr. Larichev, you are from the Russia and Dr. Otten, you are from the United States. How did your collaboration work in practice? Where there any difficulties you had to overcome or positive experiences you could tell us about? 5010Kb
Do you expect this project to have commercial benefits? 437Kb
What impact will it have on day-to-day medical work? 1278Kb
Dr. Larichev, joint scientific collaboration is one aspect of the new NATO-Russia relationship. Do you expect this project to have high visibility in Russia and among the public, as an example of this new cooperation? 1084Kb
Are you already thinking about other joint projects? 1095Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/4582Kb

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