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4 Mar. 2003

NATO-EU relations

Interview with Günther Altenburg,
Assistant Secretary General
for Political Affairs

In December 2002, NATO and the EU signed a landmark agreement that opened the way for closer political and military co-operation between the two organisations. Günther Altenburg, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, explains the main features of this agreement and the evolution of NATO-EU relations.

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What is meant by a "strategic partnership" between NATO and the EU? What are its main features? 1254Kb
What can or will this “strategic partnership” bring about? What will Europeans and Americans see as concrete, tangible results? 572Kb
Will the strategic partnership be limited to Europe - for example the Balkans - or do you see it going further than that? 599Kb
How will these decisions affect countries such as Norway and Turkey, who are members of NATO but not of the European Union? 860Kb
Will the EU be taking over NATO peacekeeping operations in the Balkans?
How will NATO and EU cooperate in the fight against terrorism?
There are some who see the NATO Response Force and the EU Rapid Reaction Force as being in competition with each other. What is your opinion?
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