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The following videos can be viewed on-line and/or ordered from NATO's Media Library. Videos can be ordered by recognised members of the press and media and educational institutions. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Prague Capabilities Commitment explained

Interview with Edgar Buckley,
Assistant Secretary General (ASG)
for Defence and Planning Operations -
6 December 2002 - On-line only December 2002

NATO Prague Summit - 21-22 November 2002

At their meeting in Prague, NATO Heads of State and Government opened a new chapter in the Alliance’s history by inviting seven countries to Accession Talks and committing themselves to equip NATO with new capabilities to meet the security threats of the 21st century.

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  • NATO's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Initiatives - New Capabilities in Action

    This video is a fictional dramatization illustrating the dangers and difficulties that NATO forces would face if attacked by nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. It was used as part of an exhibition on NATO's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Initiatives, which was shown to Alliance leaders and the media during the Prague Summit, 21-22 November 2002 - On-line only November 2002


    Video-interview with Jean Fournet,
    Assistant Secretary General (ASG)
    for Scientific and Environmental Affairs -
    17 October 2002 - On-line only October 2002

    Bogorodsk 2002 - 25-27 September 2002

    Field Exercise "Bogorodsk 2002" is a Russian Federation contribution to the Partnership Work Programme (PWP). The scenario for the field exercise builds upon a demanding terrorist initiated attack on a chemical production facility involving mass casualties, contamination, collapsed structures and evacuation and a request for international assistance.

    • (WMV./7.445Kb)
    • With narration - available in English, French and Russian - 11'15"
    Taming the Dragon - 21-24 May 2002

    Field Exercise "Taming the Dragon - Dalmatia 2002" is a Croatian contribution to the Partnership Work Programme (PWP). The scenario for the field exercise is developed on "wild fires", which is one of the risks common to all countries of South East Europe and adjacent countries.

    • .WMV/6.442Kb
    • With narration - available in English and French - 9'40"

    Video clips of meetings
    14-15 May 2002 NATO Foreign Ministers' Meetings in Reykjavik, Iceland 46'40"
    28 May 2002 NATO/Russia Summit In Rome 54'45"
    21-22 Nov. 2002 NATO Summit in Prague, Czech Republic 1hr55'

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