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6 Dec. 2002

Prague Capabilities
Commitment explained

Interview with Edgar Buckley,
Assistant Secretary General (ASG)
for Defence Planning and Operations

At the Prague Summit, 21-22 November 2002, NATO Heads of State and Government launched a new defence initiative called the Prague Capabilities Commitment.

It is designed to ensure that the Alliance has the operational capabilities it needs to deal with the new security threats of the 21st century. Individual NATO countries have made firm and specific political commitments to acquire the capabilities that will give the Alliance the ability to take on the full spectrum of modern military missions.

Dr. Edgar Buckley, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Planning and Operations, explains in this video interview the importance of the initiative, how it differs from previous programmes, the gaps it seeks to address and how it will be implemented.

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At Prague, NATO Heads of State and Government launched a new capabilities initiative called the Prague Capabilities. Could you highlight the key aspects of this initiative? 673Kb
How can NATO guarantee that the Prague Capabilities Commitment will be more successful than its predecessor, the Defence Capabilities Initiative? 478Kb
How does it differ from the previous programme, the Defence Capabilities Initiative? 600Kb
Which gaps does the initiative seek to address? 1060Kb
How quickly will these commitments be implemented?
How will this be financed?
Will progress be reviewed and if so, how often?
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