TV and Radio Unit

  • The TV and Radio Unit within the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, is responsible for the TV and radio recording facilities available at NATO HQ.

NATO Multimedia Library

  • The NATO Multimedia Library holds an extensive collection of photo and video material taken by free-lance photographers and cameramen and for which NATO has sole copyright.
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A number of short videos presenting the Alliance or particular aspects of NATO policy are available on-line, can be downloaded and/or ordered from NATO's Media Library. Footage of NATO meetings and exercises are also available from the video archives.

Conditions governing the use of audio, video & photographic material from the NATO Multimedia Archive

Video by year

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NATO in Afghanistan (ISAF)

A selection of video clips on the role of NATO in Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)


NATO Response Force (NRF)

A selection of video clips on the NATO Response Force (NRF)


NATO Off the Wire

NATO Spokesman James Appathurai gives his personal perspective on recent articles discussing NATO.



A special interactive video forum series with Jamie Shea (2005-2006)

NATO's Transformation

Special video lecture series with Jamie Shea (2003-2004)


Kosovo air campaign

Video clips shown during the Daily Press Briefings on the situation in Kosovo (26 March - 10 June 1999).


Obtaining video tapes

Video tapes can be ordered by recognised members of the press and media and educational institutions, according to availability. All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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