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Committee on Women in the NATO Forces

Photogallery 2008

The Executive Committee (EC) of the CWINF, participating NATO Nation's Delegates and Observers, the Staff of the OWINF, Representatives from PfP and MD countries, as well as Minute Writers, and the logistic Support Staff
(Photo 554Kb)

The EC of the CWINF, Admin. Assistant SSgt KREUZ, Deputy Chair LCol CAREY, Deputy Chair Lt PARIS, Chair Person LtCol BERGMANS, Deputy Chair LtCol DIMITRIOU, Chief of the Office on Women in the NATO Forces Cdr CZAJA
(Photo 683Kb)
Plenary: NATO Secretary General Mr. DE HOOP SCHEFFER and the EC
(Photo 476Kb)
Plenary: Delegates from Lithuania Maj SNITKO, Netherlands LtCol VERMUE and Norway Cdr SG FLAKSTAD
(Photo 383Kb)
Plenary: Invited Guest Speaker Mrs. ISAKSSON, Invited Guest Speaker Mrs. WALE-GRUNDITZ, the Representative from Armenia Maj ALMAZYAN
(Photo 331Kb)
Invited Guest Speaker, Mrs. PREVOT
(Photo 266Kb)
Plenary: The Delegate from Turkey Cpt ELMAS, Great Britain GrpCpt CASTLE, the Representative from Ukraine Mrs. SARNATZKA, and the Delegate from the United States of America BrigGen LAWRENCE
(Photo 336Kb)


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