Updated: 09-Jun-2006 High Resolution Photos

Family portrait
of the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council
with non-NATO ISAF contributors

8 June 2006

Please credit NATO photos.

Left to right: Anne-Grete Strøme-Erichsen (Minister of Defence, Norway) next to Abdul Rahim Wardok (Minister of Defence of Afghanistan)
(Photo ~500Kb)
Left to right: NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer talking with Michèle Alliot-Marie (Minister of Defence, France)
(Photo ~500Kb)

First Row Left to Right:

- Colonel-General Safar Abiyev (Minister of Defence, Azerbaijan)
- Ambaasador Franz Cede (Head of Mission to NATO, Austria)
- Ambassador Peter Grey (Ambassador to the European Communities, Belgium & Luxembourg)
- Fatmir Mediu (Minister of Defence, Albania)
- Anne-Grete Strøme-Erichsen (Minister of Defence, Norway)
- Abdul Rahim Wardak (Minister of Defence, Afghanistan)
- Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (NATO Secretary General)
- Michèle Alliot-Marie (Minister of Defence, France)
- Donald Rumsfeld (US Secretary of Defense)
- Des Browne (UK Secretary of State for Defence)
- Mehmet Gönül (Minister of Defence, Turkey)
- Jovan Manasijevski (Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Defence, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
- Ambassador Raimond Kunz (Director, Directorate for Security Policy, Swiss MOD)

Second Row Left to Right:

- André Flahaut (Minister of Defence, Belgium)
- Veselin Bliznakov ( Minister of Defence, Bulgaria)
- Gordon O’Connor (Minister of Defence, Canada)
- Berislav Roncevic (Minister of Defence, Croatia)
- Karel Kühnl (Minister of Defence, Czech Republic)
- Søren Gade (Minister of Defence, Denmark)
- Jürgen Ligi (Minister of Defence, Estonia)
- Seppo Kääriäinen (Minister of Defence, Finland)
- Irkali Okruashvili (Minister of Defence, Georgia)
- Franz Josef Jung (Minister of Defence, Germany)

Third Row Left to Right:

- Evangelios Vassilios Meimarakis (Minister of Defence, Greece)
- Imre Iváncsik (Political State Secretary, Hungary)
- Ambassador Gunnar Gunnarsson (Permanent Representative to NATO, Iceland)
- Luigi Parisi (Minister of Defence, Italy)
- Atis Slakteris (Minister of Defence, Latvia)
- Valdemaras Sarapinas (Under Secretary of Defence, Lithuania)
- Jean-Louis Schiltz (Minister of Defence, Luxembourg)
- Henk Kamp (Minister of Defence, The Netherlands)
- Wade Armstrong (Ambassador to Belgium, New Zealand)
- Radoslaw Sikorski (Minister of Defence, Poland)

Fourth Row Left to right:

- General Lance Smith (Supreme Allied Commander Transformation)
- General James L. Jones (Supreme Allied Commander Europe)
- Luis Amado (minister of Defence, Portugal)
- Teodor Atanasiu (Minister of Defence, Romania)
- Ambassador Igor Slobodnik (Permanent Representative to NATO, Slovakia)
- Karl Viktor Erjavec (Minister of Defence, Slovenia)
- José Antonio Alonso Suarez (Minister of Defence, Spain)
- Leni Bjorklund (Minister of Defence, Sweden)
- Hikmet Çetin (Senior Civilian Advisor for Afghanistan)
- General Raymond Henault (Chairman of the NATO Military Committee)

(Photo ~500Kb)

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