Updated: 02-Dec-2003 High Resolution Photos

Meetings of the Defence Ministers
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC)

1-2 December 2003

Please credit NATO photos.

Left: Leni Bjorklund (Minister of Defence, Sweden).
(Photo 406Kb)

Left to right: Kristin Krohn Devold (Minister of Defence, Norway) with Leni Bjorklund (Minister of Defence, Sweden).
(Photo 357Kb)

Left seated: Army General Mukhtar Altynbayev (Minister of Defence, Kazakhstan).
(Photo 448Kb)

Left to right: Jerzy Szmajdzinski (Minister of Defence, Poland); Ambassador Karel Kovanda (Permanent Representative to NATO, Czech Republic); Donald Rumsfeld (US Secretary of Defense).
(Photo 512Kb)

Left to right: Margus Hanson (Minister of Defence, Estonia) with Seppo Kääriäinen (Minister of Defence, Finland).
(Photo 424Kb)

Centre: Henk Kamp (Minister of Defence, The Netherlands).
(Photo 390Kb)

Ministers around the table.
(Photo 409Kb)

Ministers around the table.
(Photo 430Kb)

Ministers around the table.
(Photo 467Kb)

Left and centre: John P. Colston (NATO Assistant Secretary General, Defence Policy and Planning Division); NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson.
(Photo 443Kb)

Left to right: Yevgen Marchuk (Minister of Defence, Ukraine) talking with Donald Rumsfeld (US Secretary of Defense).
(Photo 401Kb)

Head of Table.
(Photo 457Kb)

Seated: Mehmet Vecdi Gönül (Minister of Defence, Turkey).
(Photo 451Kb)

Left to right: Donald Rumsfeld (US Secretary of Defence) talking with Paulo Portas (Minister of State and for National Defence, Portugal).
(Photo 448Kb)

Seated: Col. General Leonid Maltsev (Minister of Defence, Belarus).
(Photo 479Kb)

General View.
(Photo 521Kb)

General View.
(Photo 495Kb)

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