Updated: 05-Aug-2002 High Resolution Photos

Transfer of Authority
NATO HQ Tirana

5 August 2002

Photos by WOs Carlucci and Pennacchia IT A

Left to right Brig Gen Franco Giannini, Minister of Defense Pandeli Majko, President Alfred Moisu, Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, Brig Gen Umberto Caparro.
(Photo 386Kb)

Admiral Johnson on arr greeted by guard of Honour
(Photo 352Kb)

Arr of President Moisu, thanking outgoing SMR and welcoming incoming SMR
(Photo 455Kb)

Brig Gens Caparro and Giannini saluting during Albanian National Anthem
(Photo 410Kb)

Exchange of flags
(Photo 392Kb)

Transfer of Authority
(Photo 396Kb)

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