Military Committee Meeting
in Chiefs of Staff Session

24 November 1998

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Seated left to right:
General K. Naumann, Chairman of the Military Committee, with General Kivrikoglu (President d'Honnour), Turkish Chief of Defence.
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Left to right:
Vice Adm. Poblaciones (Spanish Military Representative); Gen. K. Naumann (Chairman of the Military Committee); Gen. Valderas (Spanish Chief of Defence).
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Family Portrait Chiefs of Defence
Back Row left to right:
Vice Adm. W. Herteleer, Belgium
Gen. M. Baril, Canada
Gen. C. Hvidt, Denmark
Gen. J-P. Kelche, France
Gen. H. Bagger, Germany
Gen. A. Tzoganis, Greece
Mr. T. Oskarsson, Iceland
Adm. G. Venturoni, Italy
Col. G. Lenz, Luxembourg
Gen. L. Kroon, The Netherlands
Gen. A. Solli, Norway
Gen. G. Espirito Santo, Portugal
Front Row left to right:
Maj. Gen. J. Sedivy, Czech Republic
Lt. Gen. F. Vegh, Hungary
Lt. Gen. H. Szumski, Poland
Gen. K. Naumann, Chairman of the Military Committee
Gen. Kivrikoglu, Turkey (Prsident d'Honneur)
Gen. H. Shelton, USA
Gen. Sir Charles Guthrie, UK
Gen. S. Valderas, Spain
Adm. H. Gehman, SACLANT

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