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Allied Effort 1997 -
First CJTF (Combined Joint Task Force)

Munster, Germany
21 November 1997

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A new type of Command Post - the CJTF operating in a newly developed, deployable command post facility. The Headquarters is a combination of 50 10x5m mobile trailers merged with sectional platforms and tents which form the working and briefing spaces for the 478 members of the Headquarters command and staff.
(NATO Photo 625Kb
Ref. no: 16337/20)

Press Tour. Headquarter command and staff in mobile shelters which house all the necessary computers, telephones, fax machines and other automatic data processing equipment providing full command, control and communication capability for the commander and his staff.
(NATO Photo 795Kb
Ref. no: 16338/6)

Press Tour. Visiting the mobile command post. Centre (standing): General K. Naumann/ Chairman, Military Committee Centre right (standing): General W. Clark/ SACEUR.
(NATO Photo 727Kb
Ref. no: 16338/15)

Press Tour. At the entrance to the CJTF Headquarters.
(NATO Photo 798Kb
Ref. no: 16341/15)

Press Tour.
(NATO Photo 577Kb
Ref. no: 16340/22)

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