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North Atlantic Council Meeting
at the level of Heads of State and Government -
Madrid Summit

Madrid, Spain
8 July 1997

Please credit NATO photos.

(NATO Photo 721Kb
Ref. no.: 16191/26)

Secretary General Solana's Press Conference.
(NATO Photo 735Kb)

During the Family Portrait. (NATO Photo 730Kb
Ref. no.: 16196/10)

(NATO Photo 639Kb
Ref. no: 16206/12)

At the Palacio Real de Madrid.
(NATO Photo 727Kb
Ref. no: 16209/10a)

The Palacio Municipal de Congresos where the Madrid Summit was held.
(NATO Photo 843Kb
Ref. no: 16178/2)

EAPC Signing ceremony of the NATO/ Ukraine Charter.
(NATO Photo 654Kb
Ref. no: 16222-5a)

EAPC Signing ceremony of the NATO/ Ukraine Charter.
(NATO Photo 565Kb
Ref. no: 16219-33a)

Family Portrait at the Palacio Real de Madrid.
(NATO Photo 972Kb
Ref. no: 16210-14)

(NATO Photo 660Kb
Ref. no: 16197/25a)

(NATO Photo 685Kb
Ref. no: 16180/9)

Secretary General making his opening speech.
(NATO Photo 766Kb
Ref. no: 16199/13)

(NATO Photo 670Kb
Ref. no: 16181/8)

Family Portrait.
(NATO Photo 777Kb
Ref. no: 16194/9a)

(NATO Photo 689Kb
Ref. no: 16181/17)

Press Conference held by the Heads of State/ Government of the three countries of Central and Eastern Europe invited to open accession talks with NATO.
(NATO Photo 669Kb
Ref. no: 16205/7)

US President Clinton leaving the conference area with his delegation.
(NATO Photo 667Kb
Ref. no: 16199/18a)

Standing Centre left: Secretary General Solana. Centre right: SACEUR,
Gen. Joulwan.
(NATO Photo 748Kb
Ref. no: 16197/36a)

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