Updated: 20-Aug-2001 High Resolution Photos

North Atlantic Council Meeting
at the level of Heads of State and Government
NATO-Russia Summit

Paris, France
27 May 1997

Please credit NATO photos.

Family Portrait.
(NATO Photo 990Kb
Ref. no: 16081/1)

(NATO Photo 761Kb
Ref. no: 16077/35a)

Family Portrait.
(NATO Photo 826Kb
Ref. no: 16078/23a)

(NATO Photo 737Kb
Ref. no: 16077/9a)

(NATO Photo 684Kb
Ref. no: 16077/6a)

(NATO Photo 695Kb
Ref. no: 16077/23a)

(NATO Photo 630Kb
Ref. no: 16075/4)

General view.
(NATO Photo 857Kb
Ref. no: 16072/21a)

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