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North Atlantic Council (NAC) in Restricted Session at the level of Foreign Ministers with participation of Ministers of Defence

Brussels, Belgium
5 December 1995

NATO Council Meeting to give final approval to SACEUR's OPLAN allowing the IFOR to begin deployment to Bosnia.

Please credit NATO photos.

Family Portrait.
(NATO Photo 1.038Kb
Ref. no: 15254/24)

(NATO Photo 694Kb
Ref. no: 15258/8)

General view of the meeting in Room 16.
(NATO Photo 932Kb
Ref. no: 15264/16)

Briefing the press after the meeting.
(NATO Photo 1.004Kb
Ref. no.: 15300/6)

Secretary General interviewed by the Spanish Press.
(NATO Photo 812Kb
Ref. no.: 15293/4)

(NATO Photo 899Kb
Ref. no.: 15245/14)

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