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Exercise 'Cooperative Bridge 94' - First Partnership for Peace Training Exercise, Weapons Familiarization

Biedrusko/Poznan, Poland
12 September 1994

Please credit NATO photos.

The first training exercise to be conducted under NATO's Partnership for Peace.
(NATO Photo 657Kb
Ref. no: Colour slide)

Czech Soldier.
(NATO Photo 664Kb
Ref. no: Colour slide)

Ukrainian Troops.
(NATO Photo 669Kb
Ref. no: Colour slide)

Polish soldier.
(NATO Photo 869Kb
Ref. no: 14702/4)

Polish helicopter PZL SWIDNIK W-3 SOKOL.
(NATO Photo 796Kb
Ref. no: Colour slide)

German & Romanian Troops.
(NATO Photo 1.051Kb
Ref. no: 14695/8a)

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