Updated: 07-Aug-2001 High Resolution Photos

Europe Mobile Force (Land)

Northern Norway
14 March 1994

Please credit NATO photos.

UK Jaguar Aircraft.
(NATO Photo 792Kb
Ref. no: 14473/18)

UK Soldier in anti-tank vehicle.
(NATO Photo 839Kb
Ref. no: 14477/34)

General George A. Joulwan, US Army, SACEUR, visiting Italian troops during the Exercise.
(NATO Photo 897Kb
Ref. no: 14479/9)

Norwegian HUEY Helicopter.
(NATO Photo 833Kb
Ref. no: 14479/17)

German soldier with anti-tank weapon.
(NATO Photo 856Kb
Ref. no: 14483/28)

Inside the Operations Centre.
(NATO Photo 872Kb
Ref. no: 14484/16a)

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