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Military Committee Meeting in Cooperation Session

Brussels, Belgium
28 April 1993

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Military representatives during the Family Portrait photo - front row left to right - Chairman Military Committee Field Marshal Sir Richard Vincent (UK); US Chief of Defense, Gen. C.L. Powell.
(NATO Photo 863kb
Ref. no.: 14126/17a)

Armenian Chief of Defence Lt. Gen. Ter-Grigoriants (seated).
(NATO Photo 890kb
Ref. no.: 14120/4)

General Colin Powell, US Chief of Defense with Air Marshal Evgeny .I. Shaposhnikov, C.I.S.
(NATO Photo 899kb
Ref. no.: 14123/12)

(NATO Photo 968kb
Ref. no.: 14123/7)

(NATO Photo 913kb
Ref. no.: 14123/14

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