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North Atlantic Council Meeting
at the level of Defence Ministers
with Cooperation Partners

Brussels, Belgium
1 April 1992

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(NATO Photo 800Kb
Ref. no: 13704/39)

(NATO Photo 824Kb
Ref. no: 13705/9)

(NATO Photo 767Kb
Ref. no: 13705/2)

(NATO Photo 824Kb
Ref. no: 13706/33a)

View of Room 16.
(NATO Photo 929Kb
Ref. no: 13708/14)

View of Room 16.
(NATO Photo 958Kb
Ref. no: 13712/12)

Secretary General greeting the Czech and Slovak Defence Minister upon his arrival.
(NATO Photo 801Kb
Ref. no: 13706/16a)

Secretary General greeting the Georgian Vice Defence Minister.
(NATO Photo 812Kb
Ref. no: 13706/25a)

Close-up of Family Portrait Mr. Tom King, UK Secretary of State (right), greeting Maj. Gen. Roustam Akhmedow, Minister of Defence, Uzbekistan.
(NATO Photo 950Kb
Ref. no: 13721/20)

View of Room 16.
(NATO Photo 699Kb
Ref. no: 13713/22a)

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