Updated: 17-Aug-2001 High Resolution Photos

North Atlantic Cooperation Council Meeting
at the level of Foreign Ministers

Brussels, Belgium
10 March 1992

Please credit NATO photos.

(NATO Photo 920Kb
Ref. no: 13660/9)

(NATO Photo 1.010Kb
Ref. no: 13652/5)

(NATO Photo 852Kb
Ref. no: 13646/32)

Family Portrait.
(NATO Photo 829Kb
Ref. no: 13662/9a)

(NATO Photo 608Kb
Ref. no: 13665/24)

(NATO Photo 773Kb
Ref. no: 13649/22a)

(NATO Photo 827Kb
Ref. no: 13646/31)

Press Conference..
(NATO Photo 633Kb
Ref. no: Colour slide)

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