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North Atlantic Council Meeting
at the level of Heads of State and Government

Brussels, Belgium
29 May 1989

Please credit NATO photos.

General view of the meeting in Room 16.
(NATO Photo 646Kb
Ref. no.: Colour slide)

Mrs. M. Thatcher
(UK Prime Minister)
(NATO Photo 840Kb
Ref. no: 12410/0)

(NATO Photo 822Kb
Ref. no: 12410/3)

(NATO Photo 741Kb
Ref. no: 12410/13)

(NATO Photo 940Kb
Ref. no: 12412/19)

(NATO Photo 822Kb
Ref. no: 12417/15)

(NATO Photo 920Kb
Ref. no: 12417/18)

(NATO Photo 922Kb
Ref. no: 12417/21)

(NATO Photo 962Kb
Ref. no: 12417/22)

(NATO Photo 900Kb
Ref. no: 12417/11)

(NATO Photo 971Kb
Ref. no: 12418/18)

(NATO Photo 1.032Kb
Ref. no: 12418/21a)

(NATO Photo 970Kb
Ref. no: 12418/28)

(NATO Photo 1.047Kb
Ref. no: 12418/32)

(NATO Photo 1.010Kb
Ref. no: 12419/11a)

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