TV and Radio Unit

  • The TV and Radio Unit within the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, is responsible for the TV and radio recording facilities available at NATO HQ.

NATO Multimedia Library

  • The NATO Multimedia Library holds an extensive collection of photo and video material taken by free-lance photographers and cameramen and for which NATO has sole copyright.
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NATO offers audio recordings of press conferences, press points and speeches held at NATO HQ and abroad.

Conditions governing the use of audio, video & photographic material from the NATO Multimedia Archive

Audio by year

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Summits & ministerial Meetings

Audio recordings of speeches and press conference held during the meetings of NATO Heads of State and Governement, of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Ministers of Defence.

Iraq podcast

Major Steinar Sveinsson, Public Information Officer for the NATO training mission in Iraq talks in a podcast direct from Iraq about his experiences living for almost one year in Baghdad and on the progress NATO has made to help train the Iraqi forces.

ISAF podcast

With much political and media attention on ISAF's military operations over the past months, NATO's civilian spokesman in Kabul, Nicholas Lunt, reflects in a podcast on the work of NGOs in Afghanistan and on ISAF's relationship with them.