From the event

9 Oct. 2008


of the North Atlantic Council with invitees and with other non-NATO ISAF contributors

Informal meeting of NATO Defence Ministers

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From left to right: Jaak Aaviksoo Minister of Defence of Estonia and Jyri Hakamies, Minister of Defence of Finland


From left to right: Lt.-Gen. Christopher J.R.Davis, Military Representative of Canada to NATO, Robert McRae, Permanent Representative of Canada to NATO and Robert Fonberg, Deputy Minister of Defence of Canada


Right: František Kašický, Permanent Representative of Slovakia to NATO


From left to right: Bogdan Klich, Minister of Defence of Poland and Carme Chacón Piqueras, Minister of Defence of Spain


From left to right: Jean-Louis Schiltz, Minister of Defence of Luxembourg and Alphonse Berns, Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to NATO


Left: Ciaran Murphy, Assistant Secretary, Department of Defence of Ireland


Left: Alan Thomas, Ambassador of Australia to NATO and EU, Belgium and Luxembourg


From left to right: Thrassyvoulos-Terry Stamatopoulos, Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO and Lt. Gen. Ioannis Menagias, Military Representative of Greece to NATO


From left to right: Lt. Gen. J.-M. Jockin, Military Representative of Belgium to NATO, General John Craddock, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) and Abdul Rahim Wardak Minister of Defence of Afghanistan