Updated: 10 June 1999 Press Conferences


10 June 1999

Press statement

by NATO Secretary General

Let me start by saying that I am very happy today. I think today is a great day. It is a great day for the Alliance, but much more importantly it is a great day for the cause of justice for the people of Kosovo.

As you know, the North Atlantic Council has just met and has approved the Military-Technical Agreement that was concluded between General Jackson and the Yugoslav authorities earlier this evening.

As you probably know, the agreement specifies the modalities and procedures for the full withdrawal of Yugoslav security forces from Kosovo. Let me say that, as we have said from the beginning of Operation Allied Force, we are ready to suspend air operations once we have verified the effective beginning of the withdrawal of the Yugoslav security forces.

Accordingly, as soon as General Clark - SACEUR - has confirmed to me that this withdrawal has begun, I intend to instruct him to suspend NATO's air operations.

I would like to thank General Jackson, the team of General Jackson, and all those who helped make this Military Technical agreement possible.

As you know, earlier today the NAC approved the Operational Plan (OPLAN) for deploying an international security presence into Kosovo to implement a peace setlement following the approval of a UN Security Council Resolution.

The North Atlantic Council will be prepared to deploy the implementation force (KFOR) almost immediately.

I would like finally to take this opportunity to thank General Clark - SACEUR - his commanders and the other men and women under his command who have worked so hard, so well to help bring peace and secuirty to the people of Kosovo.

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