Updated: 16 November 1999 KFOR Press Releases


13 Nov. 1999

Missing plane found crashed in Kosovo

The ATR-42 aircraft operated by World Food Programme, which has been missing since 12.15 Friday, was confirmed found by a KFOR search team at 22:45 hrs Friday night. The plane has apparently crashed into a steep hillside 12 km northeast of the city of Mitrovica.

A rescue operation conducted by KFOR troops is now ongoing, and the area has been secured. For the moment it is not known if any of the 24 persons on board have survived the crash. Investigation teams from France and Italy will arrive at the site tomorrow.

KFOR troops have been searching for the aircraft since it disappeared from the radar screens of the KFOR Air Traffic Control at 12:20 hrs local time Friday.

Pristina Tower lost radar contact with the plane when it was 20 nautical miles from Slatina Airport. The first search patrol was dispatched shortly after.

The ATR-42 plane was en route from Rome on mission for the UN Organization World Food Programme.

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