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31 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lieutenant-Commander Philip Anido KFOR Spokesman

New Year's Greetings from General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt

This New Year brings us a new millennium and the opportunity to create a new beginning. It is a time for hope and a time for peace; a time for rebuilding a prosperous, modern Kosovo. My sincere wish is that the people turn their backs on hatred and mistrust, and make 2000 Kosovo's year of commitment to reconciliation and renewal. Now is the time, with the full support of the international community, to take up the challenge to become a democratic and free society.

On behalf of the 50,000 KFOR soldiers I am honoured to command, I wish you a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year.

Road Conditions

The driving conditions on Kosovo's main highways are poor this morning because of the steady snowfall and sub-zero temperatures. KFOR crews are currently out plowing and sanding and salting the roads, but drivers are warned to be cautious.

At the Blace border crossing, traffic is moving slowly. Cars without chains are being ordered off the road until conditions improve.

Floods Raise Risk of Land Mines

KFOR in Multinational Brigade North warns that the flooding and rushing water could have the effect of exposing and moving forgotten land mines. The KFOR French engineer battalion has carried out thorough searches and has found no mines. However everyone is warned to be observant.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

Houses Set on Fire in Remote Village

Late last night in a remote village in Multinational Brigade East, KFOR Military Police found 20 houses on fire. Fire fighters could not entre the village because of the condition of the road. No one was living in the village at the time. The case has been turned over to UMNIK police.

Weapons confiscated and arrests made

Early yesterday morning in Kosovo Polje, Multinational Brigade Centre, KFOR troops found a pistol in an unoccupied building. UNMIK Police are investigating.

Yesterday morning near Kodralija, Multinational Brigade Centre, KFOR British troops found a rifle and ammunition during a search of suspicious area.

In Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North, KFOR French troops arrested a man for possession of a pistol.

Late last Wednesday at the Morina border crossing, Multinational Brigade South, KFOR troops arrested two men for possession of two pistols and ammunition. UNMIK Police are investigating.

UN Vehicle Fired Upon

A female UN employee reported to Multinational Brigade East Military Police late last night that she had been shot at in her vehicle by unknown assailants. MP's found an Albanian house nearby the scene of the shooting that had been blown up. UNMIK police are investigating.

Bodies found

Yesterday in Trestenik, Multinational Brigade Centre, KFOR Canadian troops and UNMIK police discovered the bodies of two men who had been shot. A Canadian Explosive Ordnance Disposal team cleared the area. UNMIK police are investigating.

In Multinational Brigade North yesterday morning, KFOR French troops reported finding two male bodies in the area of Srbica. UNMIK police are investigating.

Attempt to cross the Border Foiled

Yesterday, KFOR troops in Multinational Brigade South turned away two individuals who were attempting to cross the Morina border illegally.

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