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27 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lieutenant Commander Philip Anido KFOR Spokesman

General Dr. Reinhardt Visits Blace Border Crossing

The Commander of KFOR, General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, drove to the Blace border crossing yesterday to inspect the condition of the roads and the ease of movement of the traffic.

He was satisfied with the state of the roads, and praised the KFOR crews who had worked hard to remove all the abandoned trucks on the road from Pristina to Blace and to make the road driveable. The relatively mild weather over the past 24 hours has contributed to improving the road conditions.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:


Strong winds are forecast for Kosovo today.

KFOR Determined to Eliminate Illegal Weapons

Since KFOR arrived in Kosovo on 12 June 1999, a vast array of illegal weapons has been confiscated from individuals and has been destroyed. KFOR and UNMIK are determined to further reduce the number of illegally held weapons in Kosovo.

The main weapons which have been confiscated from individuals at vehicle checkpoints or during house searches include: rifles (3,627 confiscated); pistols (1,525 confiscated); machine guns (144 confiscated); and ammunition (approximately 1 million rounds).

Weapons Confiscated and Arrests made

An Albanian man was arrested at a bar in Vitomirica, Multinational Brigade West, late last night and charged for illegal possession of weapons. He was carrying a rifle and a hand grenade.

Near Pec, in Multinational Brigade West, a KFOR patrol entered a bar and arrested two Albanian men for illegal possession of weapons. One rifle and a hand grenade were confiscated and the men were turned over to UNMIK police.

Unoccupied Serb Houses Burned

KFOR Danish troops in Multinational Brigade North went to three house fires in the town of Zupce late on Christmas Day. The houses were owned by Serb families but were unoccupied at the time. UNMIK Police are investigating suspected arson. KFOR UNMIK will crack down hard on anyone found guilty of desecrating religious or private property.

Local Bar destroyed

Just after midnight this morning an explosion destroyed a bar in Dakovica in Multinational Brigade West. No one was hurt. UNMIK Police are investigating.

Detained for Breaking Curfew

Multinational Brigade South troops detained 14 Albanians yesterday for breaking the curfew.

KFOR assistance to Humanitarian Activities

In Multinational Brigade North, KFOR Belgian and Danish troops are helping with the distribution of firewood and food to families in need. Each day the inhabitants of the Roma camp of Zitkovac are given bread and a warm meal.

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