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23 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lieutenant-Commander Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR Keeps Traffic Moving

KFOR engineers have worked around-the-clock to clear snow and ice from Kosovo's major highways. Reports this morning from the five Multinational Brigade areas show that all roads are passable, but drivers are warned that they may encounter long delays especially in the southern part of the province. Conditions will improve during the day.

The Blace Border Crossing Point, in particular, is extremely congested due to road conditions and drivers and passengers should be prepared for long delays there. KFOR strongly recommends the use of 4 x 4 vehicles or vehicles with snow chains when crossing the Blace Border Crossing.

In Multinational Brigade Centre, for example, all routes are open. The Royal Engineers are working around-the-clock to remove snow, and to sand and salt all major roads which are used by KFOR and UNMIK. The engineers will soon receive two new heavy-duty snowplows to bolster their capability.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

Rapid Reaction by KFOR Troops Halts Abductors

A young girl who was abducted by three men outside her school in Pristina yesterday afternoon is safe because of the rapid reaction of KFOR British troops. The abductors realized they were being pursued by a KFOR patrol and released the girl. Two British soldiers stopped the abductors' car on an icy hill and arrested the men. They were turned over to UNMIK Police.

One Albanian Man Killed and one Wounded in Lipljan

Yesterday afternoon, one Albanian man was killed and one wounded in a drive-by shooting on the highway south of Lipljan in Multinational Brigade Centre. A patrol of KFOR Swedish troops arrested an Albanian man with three pistols in his possession. He provided the name of the driver of the vehicle and another Swedish unit are pursuing the car. The injured man was taken to the Pristina hospital while the arrested man was handed over to UNMIK Police. The investigation is ongoing.

Weapons confiscated and arrests made

A cordon and search operation by KFOR troops in Multinational Brigade east yesterday morning, resulted in the confiscation of a rifle and a machine gun.

In Multinational Brigade East yesterday, in Strpce, UNMIK Police found two AK 47 rifles, one machine gun and ammunition which they turned over to KFOR Military Police. Also in Strpce, yesterday afternoon, a large cache of weapons and uniforms were found in a Serbian house. The weapons and equipment included 2 AK 47 rifles, a 7mm rifle, an adapter for a grenade launcher, quantities of ammunition, and military uniforms.

In Dulje yesterday afternoon in Multinational Brigade South, KFOR troops searched a house and found one AK-47 rifle and a quantity of ammunition.

Demonstrations in Mitrovica

Yesterday morning, KFOR troops in Multinational Brigade North reported that approximately 100 Albanian demonstrators gathered in front of the UNMIK building in Mitrovica demanding that the UN flag fly once again over the hospital.

Man Taken to KFOR Medical Facility

An Albanian man with bullet wounds was taken to the French medical facility in Multinational Brigade North, for treatment yesterday. He claimed that three men had shot him.

Arrests in Curfew Breach

Eleven individuals were detained this morning in Prizrin for breaking the midnight to five a.m. curfew.

Arrest for Robbery

Early this morning, KFOR Troops in Mitrovica arrested four men for robbery. They were handed over to UNMIK police.

Media Opportunity:

The Secretary of Defence for the United States, William S. Cohen, will visit US troops at Camp Bondsteel this afternoon. Media are invited to cover his visit. A colourful American entertainment troupe will perform for the soldiers stationed here. For further information please contact SFC Ian W. Fitzgerald at the KFOR Press Centre.

The Press Conference with the Minister of Defence of Greece will take place today at 11:00hrs (not as announced earlier at 10:20hrs).

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