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18 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lieutenant-Commander Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesman

Fatal Grenade Attack in Orahovac

At approximately 8 p.m. last night in the town of Orahovac, unknown assailants attacked a Serb café with a grenade and small arms, killing one man and injuring nine others. There were 12 people in the café at the time.

Two of the injured (and the deceased) were rushed to the Argentinean field hospital in Dakovica, and two to the field hospital at Camp Bondsteel. All are listed in stable condition and are expected to recover. Two individuals were released at the scene and two were taken to the Prizren hospital for treatment of minor wounds.

KFOR troops and UNMIK Police converged on the scene in force. There is no further information at this time, but it is believed that two individuals carried out the attack. KFOR has increased patrols, checkpoints and overall security throughout Orahovac. UNMIK Police are investigating the crime.

The Commander KFOR, General Dr. Reinhardt, will visit Orahovac and the site of the attack today, and will confer with his field commanders and local officials.

"I speak for KFOR and for all who are determined to bring peace and law and order to the streets of Kosovo in condemning this deliberate and cowardly act," said Gen. Reinhardt. "It is the duty of us all to find the attackers and to end the destructive cycle of violence."


Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

KFOR/UNMIK Police security activity in Mitrovica KFOR troops have conducted intense security operations in the city of Mitrovica, in response to the unrest which occurred on Thursday. KFOR Military Police sealed off areas in the 'Bosnian Quarter' in the northern part of the city and conducted a house-to-house search. The French Infantry Battalion and an Explosive Ordnance Team provided security. No arrests were made but one AK-47 rifle was confiscated from a flat.

The Commander KFOR, General Dr. Reinhardt visited Mitrovica yesterday and was highly impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism of the soldiers and police as they conducted their security sweeps.

"The rapid and thorough security operation of the entire area demonstrates the determination of KFOR and UNMIK to create a secure and peaceful environment for all citizens," said Gen. Reinhardt.

Weapons confiscated
Yesterday afternoon, an AK-47 rifle and ammunition were confiscated from a car at a checkpoint at the Eastern Bridge in Mitrovica. One individual was arrested.

Weapons turned in
Yesterday afternoon, an individual voluntarily turned in a case of anti-tank mines to KFOR guards at the Blace border crossing.

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