Updated: 16-Dec-1999 KFOR Press Updates


16 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR U.S. Soldier Dies in a Land Mine Accident

One U.S. soldier died yesterday night after his vehicle struck a landmine in the area of Kosovska Kamenica, in Multinational Brigade East. U.S. authorities will release more information on this tragic accident after notification of the family. Commander KFOR offers sincere condolences to his family on behalf of the men and women of KFOR.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

Man killed in Pristina:
The body of a man was found in Pristina yesterday. He apparently died from gunshot wounds. This case has been referred to UNMIK Police, who are conducting the investigation. No information on the identity of the man is available at this time.

Shooter behind bars:
KFOR troops arrested a Serb man yesterday evening after he fired his AK-47 rifle in the vicinity of a KFOR building in Slivovo, in Multinational Brigade Centre. The incident started when the man began shooting at random in the village of Slivovo, located 13 km south of Pristina. KFOR troops immediately responded with warning shots and which forced the individual to surrender. At this time it is not known if the individual had a hostile intent but he is being held for questioning. A further search of the individual's house revealed two hand grenades and one rifle.

Vehicle search leads to arrest:
Yesterday afternoon, in the area of Pazaranje, in Multinational Brigade East, KFOR troops searched a suspicious vehicle in which they spotted a weapon cleaning kit. They found what appeared to be a mortar tube and immediately detained the individual. The individual was transferred to Camp Bondsteel for further investigation.

Grenade explosion:
A grenade explosion was heard in the early hours of the morning in the area of Obilic. UNMIK Police are investigating this incident.

Checkpoints reveal no illegal activity:
As part of its effort to increase its presence on the ground, KFOR troops manned nine random checkpoints in the area of Lipjan, in Multinational Brigade Centre during the night of 14-15 December. Altogether, they searched 776 vehicles and 3,219 people. No weapons were found and no sign of illegal activity was reported. Operations such as these require a lot of manpower and effort, but they demonstrate KFOR determination to enforce law and order and sometimes result in troops confiscating weapons and arresting suspected criminals.

KFOR trains for nature's worst:
In Multinational Brigade West yesterday, an important exercise code-named "ERU" was conducted by KFOR troops in Dakovica. The exercise trained troops in responding to natural disasters, such as floods, mudslides, winter storms and forest fires. Over 160 troops and 85 vehicles practised among other things, logistics, medical and evacuation procedures. This is the type of operation in which the future KPC will be involved.

KFOR watches border and boundary:
A total of nine individuals attempted to enter Kosovo illegally through the Morina crossing point during the last 36 hours, in Multinational Brigade South. They all returned to Albania when spotted by KFOR troops.

Generous co-operation:
For the past three days, KFOR French troops in co-operation with the non-governmental organization ADRA delivered large quantities of building materials, including 21,000 tiles, 1,500 beams, and 1,200 floors to the villages of Kobilic, Vojnik and Kucivecac, in Multinational Brigade North.


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