Updated: 14 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


14 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR Committed to Enforce Law and Order in Kosovo

Yesterday, the Commander of KFOR, General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, presented an encouraging assessment of KFOR's achievements made since the first soldiers of the NATO-lead international security force arrived in Kosovo on June 12th this year.

Since then, KFOR has enforced the Military Technical Agreement which lead to the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces, has overseen the demilitarization of the former Kosovo Liberation Army, and has established a more secure environment. Moreover it has supported the UN Mission in Kosovo and provided humanitarian support to the population in order to foster the rebuilding of the province.

Stressing that the most important facet of KFOR's operation is the provision of a safe and secure environment, Commander KFOR revealed his focus will remain on security and fight against serious crimes, in particular those committed against members of ethnic minorities.

In addition to the tough measures already enforced to fight crime, Commander KFOR has issued an order to his brigade commanders to focus their attention towards the fight against crimes. KFOR will also conduct joint patrols with UNMIK Police and the Kosovo Police Service and assign more troops to troubled areas. These measures, along with the strengthening of the judicial system recently announced by UNMIK, will further reinforce law and order within Kosovo.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last two days:

No media update was issued yesterday. Today's summary therefore reflects incidents reported since last Sunday.

Body of a Serb man found:
The body of a Serb man was found Sunday morning in the area of Pasjane, in Multinational Brigade East. This followed a report received from men who said they were attacked by three armed Albanians while collecting wood in a forest.

Kosovo Albanian killed:
A 38-year-old Kosovo Albanian man was killed during a drive-by shooting yesterday in Pistance, in Multinational Brigade West. The man was driving his horse-drawn cart when he was struck by gunfire from an unidentified car. This attack is currently under investigation.

Two suspects arrested for the murder of a Kosovo Albanian:
The body of a 30-year-old Kosovo Albanian man apparently killed by four gunshots was brought to Pec civilian hospital Sunday evening. KFOR Military Police initiated an investigation. This morning initial reports reveal that they are now questioning two Kosovo Albanian suspects.

Explosion slightly injures two people:
An explosion injured slightly two individuals yesterday in north-Mitrovica, in the vicinity of an office used by the Albanian Republic Party of Kosovo. KFOR troops immediately reacted by cordoning the area and evacuating the injured to a KFOR medical facility. An explosive ordnance disposal team was dispatched in support of UNMIK Police, who are investigating this incident.

Road traffic accident injures a man:
An unfortunate road traffic accident involving a KFOR vehicle injured a 40-year-old pedestrian yesterday a few kilometres southwest of Pristina. The man was brought to hospital by KFOR Canadian army medics. He is now being treated for a serious compound fracture of the leg.

Arsonist arrested:
A Kosovo Albanian man was caught by a KFOR patrol yesterday after he was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Serb house in Kamenica, in Multinational Brigade East. The patrol extinguished the fire immediately and the arsonist was handed over to Military Police.

Mortar rounds fired in the area of Partes:
At 17:30 hrs on Sunday evening, KFOR radars detected the firing of mortar rounds in the area of Partes, a few kilometres south of Gnjilane, in Multinational Brigade East. KFOR troops searched the area and found three unused mortar rounds and seven points of impact. No damage or injuries were reported and KFOR is still investigating the incident. Approximately 150 to 200 local citizens participated in a non-violent protest following the firing incident, but the crowd dispersed peacefully at 20:45 hrs.

Abduction prevented:
On Sunday evening in Pec, KFOR troops arrested a Roma man who was attempting to abduct of 14-year-old Roma girl during a house break-in. The circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation.

More arrests in Multinational Brigade South:
Multinational Brigade South reported 14 arrests over the last two days, including five for attempted looting, one for burglary, one for threatening behaviour and two for illegal possession of weapons and five for breaking the curfew.

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