Updated: 13 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


11 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

More weapons taken off the streets

KFOR is continuing to confiscate illegally held weapons. Throughout Kosovo yesterday, many vehicle and house searches were conducted and this allowed KFOR to confiscate a significant amount of weapons and ammunition.

Although no weapons caches were discovered, total figures reveal KFOR's determination and efforts to disarm Kosovo. Altogether, KFOR troops confiscated: 1 anti-tank rocket, 3 small cluster bombs, 1 rocket tube, 1 mortar grenade, 1 mortar bipod, 4 anti-tank mines, 6 anti-personnel mines, 4 grenades, 20 rifles, 7 shotguns, 3 pistols, over 500 rounds of ammunition, 9 magazines, 18 fuses, 1 flack jacket, 1 gas mask and 2 knives.

Altogether, seven individuals were arrested for illegal possession of weapons. Confiscated weapons and equipment will be destroyed by KFOR.

Events and incidents in Kosovo over the last 24 hours:

The overall security situation was stable over the last 24 hours. Very few incidents were reported to KFOR, in all brigades.

Looters arrested:
In Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South, KFOR troops arrested two Kosovo Albanians suspected for looting Thursday afternoon.

Robbers caught:
In Novo Selo, in Multinational Brigade West, a patrol stopped two Kosovo Albanians while they were stealing from the house of another Kosovo Albanian. The two thieves were handed over to the KFOR Spanish Military Police.

Curfew enforcement:
Multinational Brigade South reported the detention of 16 individuals for breaking the curfew yesterday in Prizren. The curfew assists soldiers to identify suspicious activity during the night.

KFOR doctors taking care of local population:
Not a single day passes without KFOR being involved in the provision of medical care to the people of Kosovo. For example, KFOR medical facilities in Multinational Brigade North performed 692 medical consultations in support of the local population this week. Multinational Brigade West doctors vaccinated 115 children at the school in Dobrusa and supported a non-governmental organisation vaccination campaign in the village of Zlokucane.

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