Updated: 10 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


10 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lt.-Col. Henning Philipp, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR troops are very active in the support and maintenance of law and order, in particular through vehicle checkpoint and search operations. A key aspect of this mission is preventive, in order to collect and confiscate illegal weapons and detain those found in possession of these weapons.

A number of weapons were confiscated over the last 24 hours throughout the province. As a result, several individuals were arrested and all weapons will be destroyed.

Events and incidents in Kosovo over the last 24 hours:

Regrettable accident provides a reminder of the danger in handling weapons: Yesterday afternoon in Pec, two Kosovo Albanians were injured whilst handling a canon to announce the start of Ramadan. One died from severe injuries and the other lost both legs. UNMIK Police are investigating this incident.

Two men injured by firearms in Pristina region:
An unidentified man sitting in his car was injured during a drive-by shooting yesterday evening in Pristina. KFOR and UNMIK immediately launched a search operation in the area and this incident is still under investigation. At 19:00 hrs yesterday, a Kosovo Albanian man was also injured as a result of a gunshot. He was taken to Pristina hospital. Both investigations are being conducted under the authority of UNMIK Police.

Attack against a shop in Banja:
A shop was slightly damaged yesterday evening as a result of an explosion. KFOR Military Police immediately dispatched an investigation team. Initial reports revealed the probable use of a homemade explosive device.

Accident involving a KFOR vehicle:
Yesterday morning a road traffic accident involving a KFOR personnel carrier and a civilian car occurred in the area of Toponica, in Multinational Brigade East. One passenger aboard the civilian car was injured and taken to hospital.

More weapons are taken off the streets:
KFOR Military Police supported UNMIK Police during a house search conducted yesterday morning in Orahovac. As a result two Kosovo Albanians were arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

A Kosovo Albanian man was arrested for illegal possession of a weapon yesterday morning in the area of Marina in Multinational Brigade North. He was handed over to UNMIK Police.

A KFOR patrol arrested a man carrying one pistol and six bullets in the Roma camp in Dakovica.

Two other people were arrested, this time in Dona Luka, in Multinational Brigade West, for carrying an AK-47 rifle in their vehicle.

At a vehicle checkpoint in Pristina, six Kosovo Albanian men were found in possession of one pistol and 13 rounds of ammunition. They were handed over to UNMIK Police.

Four other Kosovo Albanian men were arrested at 1:53 hrs this morning in Pristina for carrying a rifle and a quantity of ammunition in their vehicle.

Yesterday, a former member of the disbanded UCK handed over a pistol to KFOR in Srbica, in Multinational Brigade North. Although all weapons should by now be in KFOR's custody, this gesture is seen as a positive sign that more individuals are gradually turning in their illegally held weapons.


A brief reminder: The Train for the Future left Berlin, Germany on the 2nd of December. With this train, the German railroad company Bahn AG donates six locomotives to Kosovo, which will be handed over to UNMIK. In addition the train carries 10 trucks and 50 stretchers for the KPC and quantity of humanitarian goods, which will be distributed through different German non-governmental organizations. The train is scheduled to arrive at the Kosovo Polje railroad station on Saturday the 11th of December at15:00 hrs. Media interested in covering this event should confirm the timing of arrival with us tomorrow morning.

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