Updated: 7 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


7 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

Murder case suspects arrested

KFOR U.S. military personnel have arrested and are currently holding in detention four suspects in the bombing of a Serb house. The house belonging to the former town leader of Kamenica was extensively damaged in a bomb attack on the 3rd of December, and the wife of the former town leader was killed in this attack. The town leader and his son were also injured. The four persons arrested are all believed to be Albanian and are currently being held at the military detention facility in Gnjilane for further questioning and investigation.

Events and incidents in Kosovo over the last 24 hours:

Two Serbs found dead in Pristina:
In early afternoon yesterday, the bodies of a Serb man and his mother were found in an apartment in the Dardania area of Pristina. A civilian reported the discovery of their bodies to the UNMIK Police. UNMIK Police were dispatched to the scene are currently conducting an investigation.

Roma man hit by a car:
Yesterday morning, in Vitomirica, in Multinational Brigade West, a Roma man was run over by a civilian car and was later declared dead. UNMIK Police have initiated an investigation.

Taxi driver attacked and robbed:
Yesterday evening, at Skorosnak, 6 km north-east of Malisevo in Multinational Brigade South, a taxi driver was attacked by his two passengers, who stabbed him in his upper harm and on both hands. His mobile phone, money and car keys were robbed and the criminal ran away. The victim was brought to the Russina camp in Malisevo, where he was given first aid. Unfortunately, he later refused to lay charges against the aggressors.

Greek KFOR soldier injured in a road traffic accident:
Yesterday afternoon, a Geek soldier working with KFOR's Force Support Unit Movement Company at the Deneral Jankovic border crossing point was hit by a civilian car and suffered serious injuries. He was evacuated to Camp Bondsteel and later flown to Thessaloniki, in Greece, where he is reported to be in a serious but stable condition. Initial reports reveal that this was an accident. KFOR's Force Support Unit is heavily involved in traffic control at the Deneral Jankovic border crossing, as well as in the transportation of vital humanitarian aid into and within Kosovo.

Crime fighting brings results:

  • Aborted abduction In Pec yesterday, four men claiming to be Albanian policemen stopped a Montenegrin motorist. The armed men asked for money and forced their way into the car, when a KFOR patrol arrived in the area. The victim spotted the patrol and managed to escape from the car, while the aggressors fled away with the vehicle.
  • Suspects of robbery arrested KFOR reported yesterday the arrest of three Kosovo Albanian men suspected of robbery in the village of Mali Durdevik, in Multinational Brigade West.
  • Illegal police behind bars Two men were arrested at 03:00 hrs this morning in Urosevac for conducting illegal "police" activity.
  • More weapons confiscated During a search operation conducted yesterday evening in Dakovica, KFOR troops found six hand grenades, five fuses, one machine gun, 100 bullets and two AK-47 magazines.

Milestones in Multinational Brigade North winterization effort:
The winterisation effort is still ongoing in Multinational Brigade North, in support of UNMIK, UNHCR and non-governmental organizations. Since the beginning of November, the brigade has delivered 9,500 shelter kits, 5,000 tents, 2,000 tons of firewood and 3,400 coal heaters.

Media Opportunities

  • The French engineering battalion, ElektroKosovo and Electricite de France will soon start working on a new power line from Obilic to Mitrovica by erecting the two first pylons on Wednesday, December 8th. More information is posted on KFOR's information board.
  • On Thursday December 9th, you are invited to participate in a winter patrol in the area of Decane, 10 km south of Pec in Multinational Brigade West. Winter patrols are conducted throughout Kosovo in order to provide a security presence and assess the need of the local population living in remote areas. During this full-day operation, interested media will have the opportunity to visit three small villages, which will receive winterization material. More details on this opportunity are posted on KFOR's information board.

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