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06 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Lt.-Col. Henning Philipp, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR welcomes OSCE report on human rights violations

Today, the OSCE released its human rights report ("Kosovo/Kosova: As Seen, As Told"). It might serve as an eye-opener for those who were not fully aware of what has happened here. KFOR remains committed, together with UNMIK, to fight against any violation of human rights. We do our utmost to enhance security in Kosovo for all the people who are living here. What we cannot accomplish is to change the basic attitudes, as there are hatred and intolerance. This must be overcome by the people themselves. And only by overcoming these attitudes Kosovo will have a better future.

Events and incidents in Kosovo over the last 24 hours:

Man injured by gunshot:

This morning in the area of Gnjilane, a Kosovo Albanian man suffered a gunshot wound in the head and was taken to Camp Bondsteel. Initial reports suggest a non-ethnic dispute between two local Albanian families. This incident is now under investigation and no more information is available at this time.

Road traffic accidents kill two:

Two civilians were killed and three other were wounded during a tragic road traffic accident involving two civilian vehicles and a KFOR M-113 armoured vehicle yesterday evening in Malisevo, in Multinational Brigade Centre. The accident occurred when the armoured vehicle stopped to let soldiers get out to fight a fire. A civilian vehicle hit the personnel carrier and then collided with another civilian vehicle. This accident is currently under investigation.
A road traffic accident between two civilian vehicles injured one man and one woman yesterday morning in the area of Korminjane, in Multinational Brigade East. Both casualties were evacuated to the Korminjane Hospital due to suspected internal injuries.

Man injured by a mine explosion:

An Albanian man was injured yesterday when stepping on an anti-personnel mine in the area of Pasjane, 5 km southeast of Gnjilane, in Multinational Brigade East. He was evacuated to Pristina hospital with an injured leg.

Detained for breaking curfew:

During the night between December 4th and 5th in Prizren, 21 people were detained for breaking the curfew, which is enforced to prevent crimes during the night.

Weapons confiscation:

KFOR troops remained active in all brigades through patrols, search operations and checkpoint controls. This presence not only provides a reassuring feeling of security. It also brings concrete results in crime prevention, through the identification and arrest of individuals caught carrying firearms.

  • Near the sporting centre in Pec yesterday, a patrol confiscated one pistol with rounds of ammunition and one hand grenade.
  • During the night between December 4th and 5th in Brodosavce, in Multinational Brigade South, two house searches conducted in partnership by KFOR and UNMIK Police allowed the confiscation of one AK-47, one carbine, two hand grenades , five guns and nearly 500 rounds of ammunition.
  • In Dakovica, a Multinational Specialized Unit patrol confiscated one pistol yesterday evening from a Kosovo Albanian man.

Two Kosovo Albanian men arrested for threatening a KFOR interpreter:

At a vehicle checkpoint in Medvece, in Multinational Brigade Centre, two Kosovo Albanian men in a vehicle were arrested yesterday evening when they attempted to intimidate a KFOR interpreter.

Illegal border crossing under control:

Only two individuals attempted to enter Kosovo illegally through the Morina border crossing yesterday. They both returned to Albania when spotted by KFOR troops monitoring the border area.

Media Opportunities

  • I wish to remind you all of a media opportunity scheduled for tomorrow in Banja, a predominantly Serb village with an Albanian minority, located in the southwest of Multinational Brigade North. During this full-day event, KFOR troops will distribute humanitarian aid to the local population, along with non-governmental organizations. Those interested are reminded to sign up at the Press Centre Registration Desk immediately after this news conference. More information is available on our information board.
  • On Thursday December 9th, you are invited to participate in a winter patrol in the area of Decane, 10 km south of Pec in Multinational Brigade West. Winter patrols are conducted throughout Kosovo in order to provide a security presence and assess the need of the local population living in remote areas. During this full-day operation, interested media will have the opportunity to visit three small villages, which will receive winterization material. More details on this opportunity will soon be posted on KFOR's information board.
  • On Tuesday, December the 7th at 14:00 hrs, there will be an opportunity to interview the Norwegian military engineers who have been instrumental in the provision of power to the Obilic area in Multinational Brigade Center. Until recently the villages in this area have been experiencing severe problems with the power supply. Transport for those wishing to attend will leave from the KFOR Press Information Centre at 1300hrs on Tuesday.

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