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4 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Detained KFOR soldiers released yesterday

The three KFOR soldiers who were detained yesterday after inadvertently crossing the boundary to Serbia, were released around midnight, and are now back in Kosovo.

The incursion happened when a KFOR vehicle, with a French major and sergeant and a Belgian warrant officer, was on their way from Pristina and unintentionally took the wrong road. They crossed the boundary in the northwestern part of Kosovo yesterday morning, and were subsequently detained by the personnel at the Serbian boundary post.

During the day, contact was made between KFOR and FRY authorities, and just before midnight yesterday the soldiers were released.


Incidents in the Area of Operations the last 24 hours:

  • Serbs killed:
    Two Serb men were killed in Velika Hoca, two kilometers southeast of Orahovac, yesterday around noon while they were cutting wood. According to initial reports, they were shot by two or three unknown assailants. KFOR Military Police and UNMIK police are investigating.
  • Killed in house explosion:
    One Serb woman was killed and her husband and son slightly injured when the house of the town leader in Kamenica was destroyed in an explosion just before 19:00 hrs yesterday. The injured were taken to Camp Montieth for treatment. KFOR Military Police are investigating the incident.
  • Injured in mine accident:
    Two people were seriously injured when a tractor hit a cluster bomb unit yesterday at 09:30 hrs in Ponosevac, 10 kilometers west of Dakovica. The injured were taken to hospital in Dakovica.
  • Stones thrown at the "Nis express":
    Nobody was injured, but one bus had several windows broken after stones were hurled at the bus shuttles linking Nis in Serbia and Gracanica. This is a daily bus service, carrying Serbs between the two towns.
  • Arrests:
    Two Kosovo Albanians were arrested at the Morina Border crossing point yesterday at 18:50 hrs for attempted car theft. The persons had four driving licences and 250 rounds of ammunition in their possession.
  • Unrest after arrest:
    KFOR soldiers had to intervene after some unrest broke out around the police station in Gracanica yesterday at 19:00 hrs, following the arrest of a man. Between 75 to 100 persons gathered outside the police station, and the situation was reported as tense. However, half an hour later, the situation calmed down and the crowd dispersed.
  • Explosion in caf:
    An empty caf, owned by a Kosovo Albanian man, located near the commercial center in Pec was struck by an explosion yesterday. The blast caused only material damages to the caf, and slight damages to a house and a nearby car.
  • Helicopter cut power line:
    A KFOR Apache "AH 64" helicopter accidentally cut a power line near Gnjilane Thursday at 23:30 hrs. The aircraft performed a controlled emergency landing near the location. No persons were injured.
  • Weapons confiscations:
    During planned operations and routine controls in checkpoints throughout KFOR's area of operations, several weapons confiscations were made. All persons in possession of illegal weapons will be arrested by Military Police or UNMIK Police, and will be subject to criminal prosecution.
    Yesterday at 21:20 hrs, 20 kilometers northeast of Pristina, KFOR troops confiscated two shotguns, two rifles, one machinegun, two hand grenades, one bazooka and 600 rounds of ammunition.
    A car was stopped and searched by KFOR soldiers seven kilometers northeast of Pristina this morning at 03:00 hrs, and one AK-47 assault rifle, one machinegun and one shotgun was confiscated. The six Kosovo Albanians in the car were arrested.
    At 22:30 hrs in a checkpoint in southern Mitrovica, KFOR troops confiscated a pistol and some ammunition from a Kosovo Albanian man.
    One rifle was found in a house search in Lipljan Thursday near midnight.

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