Updated: 3 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


3 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Firewood distributed to Serbs in Kosovo Polje

KFOR troops have the last week distributed a considerable amount of firewood to the Serbs in Kosovo Polje.

A total of 725 cubic meters of firewood have been handed out to the population of Kosovo Polje. This has been done with the support of Greek and Belgian vehicles. The final goal is to transport 1.200 cubic metres (933 tons) of firewood to the town.

KFOR soldiers from Multinational Brigade North are continuing their efforts in providing humanitarian aid to the local population. Among the activities are:

  • Transporting materials, supplies and food to isolated villages.
  • Conducting health and safety assessment and rebuilding various municipal buildings in Poliance, Cirez, Klina Kotore in the area of Skanderai.
  • Repairing the bridge in Pestovo, where the bridge was dangerous and now is replaced with a footbridge.
  • Continuing the mine clearing around the schools in the villages of Gornje Prekaze, Rudnik, Radisevo, Cubrelj and Srbica.

In addition, French KFOR engineers in co-operation with Elektrokosovo and Electricity de France, today started restoring the old electricity network from Valc to the power plant Mitrovica 1.

In Prizren, KFOR soldiers from Multinational Brigade South have delivered new fire engines to the fire brigade in the town. The engines were donated by the non-governmental organization GTZ Brandenburg. Two experienced fire fighters from the German Army will train the Prizren firemen, and will also train personnel from other fire brigades in Suva Reka, Malisevo and Dragas.

Soldiers from Multinational Brigade East are ordering and supervising the installation of wood burning stoves in the schools in the Kamenica area. The school in Koretin has received 13 stoves and stove pipes, and the school "Fan Noli" in Kamenica has received 23 stoves and pipes. In addition, the school in Topanica has received nine stoves and pipes. More stoves and pipes will be installed in the days and week to come.

Incidents in the Area of Operations the last 24 hours

Killed by mine

In the village of Ljumbarda, 12 km south east of Pec, a civilian driver was killed when a tractor ran over an antitank mine yesterday at noon. KFOR explosive ordnance disposal teams and Military Police will investigate the incident.

Died after road traffic accident

A Kosovo Albanian person died at hospital in Camp Bondsteel after having been injured in a road traffic accident 6 km west of Gnjilane yesterday at 12:35 hrs. One civilian and one KFOR vehicle was involved, and two other
Kosovo Albanians were slightly injured.

Body found

Yesterday at 15:30, the body of a dead man was found near the roadside eight kilometres west of Pristina. It is not known how long the body has been on the spot. UNMIK Police are investigating this incident.

Weapon confiscation

Several weapons and ammunitions were confiscated in successful KFOR
operations during the last 24 hours:

  • In a search operation in Malopoljce, 7 km northwest of Urosevac, KFOR troops confiscated four AK-47 assault rifles, 13 rifles, two machine pistols, six AP mines, two 66 mm anti-tank weapons and large amounts of ammunitions.
  • In a search operation 5 kilometres south-west of Klina, one AK-47 assault rifle, three pistols, 1 machine guns, three hand grenades, an amount of ammunition and various military equipment was confiscated.
  • In vehicle check point operations and routine house searches in the area
    of Multinational Brigade West, a total of one AK-47 assault rifle and four
    pistols were confiscated.

House fires

  • A deserted house in Pec was set on fire at 11:00 yesterday. A KFOR water tank truck assisted in putting the fire out.
  • A housefire in Obilic yesterday at 20:50 hrs spread to two other houses.
    The civilian fire service extinguished the fire.
  • In Grace, 10 km north east of Pristina, a house near a church was reported on fire this morning at 05:30 hrs. The church was not at risk.

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