Updated: 02 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


02 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Continuous efforts on the humanitarian side

Over the last days, KFOR troops continued to bring humanitarian and medical aid to the population of Kosovo. The humanitarian efforts are an important contribution to providing a safe and secure environment for all people of Kosovo, and assisting UN agencies and non-governmental organisations is in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

KFOR soldiers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have recently established a hospital in Vucitrn, providing 10 beds and a medical staff of 9 specialists. Their primary mission is to provide humanitarian support to the local population, consisting mainly of Kosovo Albanians. The hospital performs 200 to 300 consultations every day. Yesterday the UAE also supported a Serb medical unit in the delivery of medical aid to the village of Gojbulja.

KFOR troops from the Moroccan Army has been setting up a field hospital in Stri Trg, east of Mitrovica, providing medical care to the local population, especially young children and geriatric patients. They will also open a new centre in Mitrovica. Since the beginning of the week, an average of 200 consultations were carried out on a daily basis. The Moroccans also provide social assistance to the population with a team of 12 female doctors. These women will travel through villages to help people in need of assistance and to provide medication if needed.

A new medical centre has been opened in Mitrovica by French KFOR troops in co-operation with local authorities. The centre is in the former Yugobank building, and will provide medical care for all citizens.

In addition, KFOR soldiers participated in the following activities:

  • KFOR soldiers provided mattresses and covers to the village of Vidomiric, 5 kilometres north-west of Mitrovica.
  • Mine awareness training was given by KFOR troops to 300 persons in the village of Pantina, 6 kilometres south-east of Mitrovica.
  • In Malisevo, KFOR soldiers will assist in the distribution of 250 donated sheep this week.
  • KFOR soldiers have delivered food to the city firemen and their families in Prizren.
  • In the villages of Silovo and Gornje Kusce, both in the vicinity of Gnjilane, KFOR soldiers have supported UNICEF in the delivery of backpacks and schools supplies.

Incidents in the Area of Operations for the last 24 hours The security situation in the AOR was overall very calm and quiet, with only a few incidents reported.

Weapons confiscation: three pistols, one rifle, magazines and some ammunition were confiscated in Pec and Memice yesterday at various checkpoints. At 21:30 hrs yesterday 2 kilometres north-east of Pristina, a short-barrelled weapon was found and confiscated at a vehicle checkpoint.

Train accident: a civilian driver suffered minor injuries when a train struck his car in Urosevac this morning at 01:50 hrs. The accident happened when the driver tried to get across the tracks ahead of the train. The accident will have no impact on KFOR rail operations in Kosovo.

House fire: at 18:25 hrs yesterday, a civilian house 2 kilometres north-west of Pristina was reported to be on fire and burned before the civilian fire service was able to intervene. An UNMIK policeman investigating the fire broke his leg and was evacuated to the UK KFOR Hospital.

Other incidents: two "Molotov Cocktails", or home made petrol bombs, were thrown at an Albanian warehouse in Vitina at 10:50 hrs yesterday. No damage was done since the bombs were not lit.

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