Updated: 1 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


1 Dec. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Before the summary of events, I would
like to mention that KFOR has been informed of the imminent arrival of eight
locomotives, donated by Germany and France. They will provide a much-needed increase in our rail capability and speed-up the delivery of humanitarian aid throughout Kosovo. The locomotives are scheduled to arrive in FYROM on December 6th and will then be brought to Kosovo.


An ethnic Albanian man was shot five times while leaving his house yesterday
morning in Leskovac, 8 km north of Klina in Multinational Brigade West.
Civilians took him to the KFOR Spanish field hospital, where he died shortly
after. KFOR Military Police have examined his house and the neighbourhood
and so far no information is available on the circumstances surrounding the

The brigade also reported the death of 19 year-old ethnic Albanian girl in
Pec. Initial reports revealed that she apparently killed herself while
handling the pistol of a relative.

Yesterday afternoon near the Pec stadium, two men in a white van tried to
kidnap a 9-year-old girl, but abandoned their attempt upon the arrival of a
KFOR Italian patrol. Military Police have launched an investigation in
order to collect information that could lead to the perpetrators.

Multinational Brigade West also reported the confiscation of three pistols,
one rifle and some ammunition in various checkpoint operations conducted
throughout their area of responsibility.

In Multinational Brigade Centre, A Swedish KFOR patrol securing a rural area 8 km north-east of Pristina found the body of a man, who was apparently
killed four to five days earlier. An investigation conducted by UNMIK Police
is ongoing.

UNMIK Police informed KFOR yesterday night that an unidentified man was
found suffering from a gunshot wound in Pristina. At this time, it has not
yet been determined if the incident is the result of an accident, attempted
suicide or aggression.

The brigade also reported the arrest of two people for possession of hand
grenades, and the arrest of three men for carrying an AK-47 in their
vehicle. These cases have been handed over to UNMIK Police.

Yesterday, the population of Kosovo Polje received another delivery of 133
tons (171 cubic metres) of firewood, cut by local inhabitants in Leposavic,
transported by KFOR and unloaded by local residents.

The body of a man with gunshot wounds in the head was found yesterday in
downtown Mitrovica, in Multinational Brigade North. UNMIK Police are
handling the investigation.

Troops from Multinational Brigade North maintained their support of
humanitarian organisations through various means: the delivery of water in
the district of Kodra Minatoreve, the delivery of building material to the
village of Lausa, the provision of bedding and clothing supplies in Taradza,
and the distribution of food to villagers in Vithanovice and Lesak.

A Kosovo Albanian working for a civilian demining organisation was injured
yesterday morning when he stepped on a mine a few kilometres east of
Malisevo, in Multinational Brigade South. He suffered serious injuries and
was brought to Malisevo hospital and later air evacuated to a KFOR German
field hospital in Prizren, where he is now in a stable condition.

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