Updated: 1 December 1999 KFOR Press Updates


30 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

The situation was calm Kosovo over the last 24 hours, during which very few
incidents were reported in all brigades.

In addition to security and law and order operations, which remain KFOR's
priority, troops from all brigades were involved in road repairs and in the
delivery of humanitarian aid. As an example, more than 100 cubic metres (79
tons) of firewood were delivered from Leposavic to Kosovo Polje yesterday.
Similar efforts are made everywhere possible, often in co-operation with
UNMIK, UNHCR and non-governmental organisations.

Two explosions occurred yesterday evening in Decane, in Multinational
Brigade West. A KFOR patrol was dispatched and reported the destruction of a
deserted and previously burnt Roma house. Another explosion was heard at
approximately midnight nearby the UNMIK Police building. Nobody was injured
and initial reports suggest a probable accidental gas explosion. UNMIK
Police is conducting an investigation.

Multinational Brigade West also reported at 18:00 hrs the detention of a man
in Istok for illegal possession of a pistol. Shortly after, two provisional
KPC members were detained in Kos, when a car search revealed that one of
them was carrying a pistol. The weapon and their KPC identification cards
were confiscated.

The brigade distributed humanitarian aid to 192 families in the village of
Pacaj, 12 km north-west of Dakovica.

At 21:35 yesterday evening, a hand grenade was found in the garden of a Serb
house in Kosovo Polje, in Multinational Brigade Centre. A KFOR Norwegian
explosive ordnance team removed the device and made sure the area was safe.

Shortly after midnight in Pristina, an Albanian was detained on suspicion of
intimidation during a joint KFOR-UNMIK search. A pistol was also confiscated
from his house.

KFOR troops from Multinational Brigade Centre and Multinational Brigade East
conducted a joint search operation on their adjacent areas of responsibility
between Pristina and Gnjilane yesterday afternoon and confiscated four
rifles, on hand grenade, ammunition and four rucksacks containing Yugoslav
Army ("VJ") clothing. No arrests were made.

A belated report from Multinational Brigade East reveals that a grenade
explosion occurred in a Serb house on November 28th in Gnjilane.
Fortunately, nobody was injured and damage was limited. For the same day,
the brigade also reported the detention of one man for questioning following
a complaint for assault against a resident of Odanovce, 10 km south-east of
Kosovska Kamenica .

In two separate interventions yesterday evening, troops from Multinational
Brigade North arrested a total of six ethnic Albanian men caught while
looting the same house in Mitrovica, next to the Orthodox Church. They were
handed over to UNMIK Police.

The brigade also supported the non-governmental organisation ADRA in the
delivery of 15 tons of building materials to villages located in the Drenica
valley. In addition, 15 cubic metres of firewood were distributed in the
area of Gojbulja, south-west of Mitrovica, in co-operation with the
non-governmental organisation First Emergency.

A total of 20 people were intercepted while attempting to enter Kosovo
illegally at Morina pass, in Multinational Brigade South. They all returned
to Albania when surprised by KFOR troops.

KFOR German soldiers are currently distributing food, clothes, toys and
other goods to the villages in their area of responsibility. These goods
were donated by the humanitarian organisation Lachen Helfen (meaning "help
children to laugh again"), which collected money and non perishable
donations from German soldiers and their families in Germany. Yesterday,
the German contingent reached the milestone of 150 tons of goods that have
been delivered to make childhood more bearable to the children of Kosovo.

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