Updated: 29 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


28 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

Again yesterday, the situation was relatively quiet in all multinational brigades. In addition, successful searches and checkpoint operations allowed the confiscation of an impressive amount of weapons, particularly in area of responsibility of Multinational Brigade West.

Ethnic Albanian "Flag Day" celebrations were held at several locations in a peaceful manner yesterday. In the evening and during the night, celebratory small arms fire was reported, mainly in Pristina and Prizren, although no injuries or damage were reported.

An impressive successful search operation took place at 12:00 hrs yesterday in the area of Rogovo, southwest of Dakovica in Multinational Brigade West. In an empty house, KFOR troops found approximately 10,000 rounds of ammunition, booby traps material, 300 grenades, 20 RPG rockets, 200 detonators, fuses and explosive, three rifles and one control box for antitank missile.

Throughout the brigade, several checkpoint operations allowed to confiscate small amount of weapons in Pec, near Dakovica, in Trakanic, in the area of Osek Hilja and the southeast of Klina.

This weekend, the brigade has assisted in the distribution of humanitarian aid to the villages of Kamenica, Begov Lukavac, Muzedime, Lugovo, Jablanica, Grabanica and Dakovica.

A KFOR British soldier was seriously injured yesterday afternoon in Podujevo, in Multinational Brigade Centre, when his head was trapped in the turret mechanism of his armoured personnel carrier. He was taken to the field hospital in Lipjan, where he is reported to be in a stable condition.

Over the week-end, KFOR troops in Multinational Brigade North distributed fresh food with the non-governmental organisation First Emergency to 480 inhabitants of Gojbulja, 160 people in Grace, 25 in Mala Slatina and 131 in Banjska. On the humanitarian front, the brigade also reported that the United Arab Emirates troops are continuing their program of home rebuilding, with 130 houses that have now been repaired and ready to live in.

In Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South, 7 people were detained and handed over to UNMIK Police for breaking the curfew yesterday morning.

At approximately 10:30 hrs, and explosive ordnance disposal team was called in to clear explosive found in a KFOR compound in Dragas.

The brigade is also actively involved in transport operations in support of governmental and non-governmental organisations in need of support for the urgent delivery of humanitarian assistance. They reported this weekend the delivery of medical supplies to the Dragas hospital, the transport of 4.5 tons of material to the nursery school in Klina, the distribution of 200 stoves in Dulje and the distribution of clothes, stoves and food in Planeja.

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