Updated: 24 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


24 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Maj. Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR unfortunately still experience several incidents where persons are in possession of illegal weapons. Yesterday in Multinational Brigade west, a pistol was confiscated from a man in Klina, and in Mitrovica a Kosovo Albanian man was stopped, as he was also carrying a pistol. A similar episode occurred in Prizren, Multinational Brigade South. Four members of the provisional KPC were arrested for illegal possession of a weapon in the village of Dobridol, 10 kilometers northeast of Dakovica, yesterday at 23:15 hrs. In Klina, a member of the provisional KPC was arrested when he was conducting illegal police activity.

Since 11:00 hrs this morning, British and Canadian troops from Multinational Brigade Centre in cooperation with UNMIK Police, have been carrying out a series of surprise vehicle checkpoints. These checkpoints have been established on the roads leading from the South into Pristina in order to search for illegal weapons. Multinational Brigade Centre regrets any delays caused but express KFOR's determination to seize all illegal weapons in Kosovo. Accordingly, similar operations will be carried out without warning as circumstances demand.

A media opportunity today: At Pristina Airport, there will be the opportunity to witness the destruction of an unexploded bomb by an explosive ordnance disposal team. This will happen between 13:00 and 15:00 hrs, and there will be transport available, leaving from the Press Centre at 12:15 hrs.


KFOR soldiers from the Belgian battalion in Multinational Brigade North have assisted the non-governmental organization ACTED to deliver bread supplies to the Albanian population in Cabra, 10 kilometers northwest of Mitrovica. Also, food supplies have been distributed to the Serb villages Lesak and Sansak, 40-50 kilometers northwest of Mitrovica.

Yesterday between 21:00 hrs and 00:35 hrs, KFOR troops reported several shots and explosions north of the border crossing point 20 km east of Pristina, Multinational Brigade Center. Details about the origin of these incidents are unknown to KFOR at the time being.

A car was stopped in Pristina by KFOR troops yesterday at 22:40 hrs and an illegal "stun gun" was confiscated. The owner was arrested and handed over to UNMIK police.

KFOR troops arrested four persons tried to break into the archives of the Church in Prizren, Multinational Brigade South, Monday at 19:45 hrs. The perpetrators were arrested and handed over to the UNMIK Police.

Four looters were arrested by KFOR troops in the village of Planjane, 10 kilometers east of Prizren, yesterday at 15:15 hrs. The offenders were handed over to UNMIK Police.

At 17:30 hrs yesterday, two unoccupied Serb houses burnt down in the village of Zivinjane, 5 km southeast of Prizren. Just past midnight, one unoccupied Serb house was set on fire in Prizren, but the fire was put out by KFOR firefighters.

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