Updated: 23 Nov. 1999 KFOR Press Updates


23 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

US President Bill Clinton is visiting Kosovo today. During his visit, the President will meet with COMKFOR, Gen. Dr Reinhardt, and Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Dr Kouchner. Meetings are also scheduled with local Kosovars. President Clinton will leave Kosovo later this afternoon.

The roadblocks around Orahovac, Multinational Brigade South, were lifted yesterday, following successful negotiations initiated and supervised by COMKFOR, Gen. Dr Reinhardt. Orahovac is open for all traffic now. This will improve the living conditions in the town for both, ethnic Albanians and Serbs.


Several weapons were confiscated during a successful KFOR search operation in the village of Kpuz, 10 km south-west of Klina, in Multinational Brigade West, yesterday. The confiscation included the following: three light machine guns, two RPG-7 launchers, one mortar 60 mm grenade, two shotguns, 44 anti-personnel mines, one anti-tank mine, 23 hand grenades, ten RPG-7 grenades and several grenades for mortars and rifles were confiscated. Furthermore, in Dakovica yesterday, a car was stopped and searched by a KFOR patrol, and one pistol and some ammunition were confiscated.

KFOR soldiers successfully evacuated a newborn baby girl to the American medical facilities in Camp Bondsteel, Multinational Brigade East, yesterday. The little girl, probably less then 24 hours old, was found abandoned in a ditch near Urosevac. She is reported to be in a stable condition.

A 16 year-old Kosovo Albanian boy was found dead near Urosevac at 15:00 hrs yesterday. According to a relative, he stepped on a land mine. KFOR explosive ordnance disposal team is investigating this incident.

French KFOR troops supported the non-governmental organization World Vision in the distribution of winterisation material -- including timber, doors, windows and plastic sheets -- to the inhabitants of the village of Zasela, 3 km east of Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North. KFOR United Arab Emirates troops are planning to join in this effort.

KFOR has restored the water pump in Gornje Vinarce, 3 km west of Mitrovica, in co-operation with the French Red Cross. Another pump will be installed next week. Also, firewood was delivered to the inhabitants of the Serbian village of Zivinjane, 5 km south of Leposavic.

Over the last weeks in Vucitrn, the KFOR United Arab Emirates battalion has completed the restoration of 70 houses. They plan to restore a total of 300 houses in this village, in support of non-governmental organizations.

Three persons were arrested for theft in a Kosovo-Albanian flat in Prizren, Multinational Brigade South, yesterday at 19:45 hrs. Two of the offenders had provisional KPC identification cards. UMIK Police will conduct the investigation.

KFOR troops found the body of a dead woman in the village of Rogovo, 10 km east of Dakovica, yesterday at 15:20 hrs. The body was found in the river, where it apparently had been for several months. UNMIK Police will lead the investigation.

A 250-kg bomb was deactivated by an Austrian explosive ordnance disposal team in the village of Zur, near the Morina border crossing point yesterday at 11:40 hrs. The bomb was found in the garden of a private house.

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