Updated: July 1999 KFOR Press Updates


22 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Good morning.

Yesterday morning at 03:00 hrs there was apparently an attack on a MUP installation just north of the Kosovo boundary. Multinational Brigade Centre border sentries reported shots being heard, and some hours later, an explosion. According to initial reports, this explosion was a landmine on the road that detonated when a vehicle drove over it, killing the driver. Although KFOR has no evidence that this attack originated from inside Kosovo, we have increased our normal patrolling activities in the area of the boundary to further enforce the stability and the security in this area.

Then, an update on the selection process for the Kosovo Protection Corps, KPC. The second and final phase of this selection starts today, and all of the almost 14 thousand applicants will have to go through this process. KFOR has designed a multiple-choice test, which must be completed by all applicants. There are 8 testing sites, and KPC applicants must look in their local newspapers to identify their test dates and times. There is a separate press release issued on this. You will find it on the table in the hall.

In the area of Urosevac, in Multinational Brigade East, the body of a 39 year-old Kosovo Albanian man was found this night at 01:00 hrs. The body had gunshots to its shoulder, chest and head. KFOR's Criminal Investigation Division is investigating.

Yesterday, warning shots were fired when a vehicle trying to escape a KFOR traffic check point near Vrbovac, four kilometers north of Vitina. The vehicle began to turn around, and a warning shot was fired into the air, however, the driver continued to turn around. A second shot struck the vehicle and exited the left rear side window. The vehicle then stopped and the two civilians inside the vehicle were identified, and were then allowed to continue.

Yesterday at 11:50 hours, an estimated 10,000 people attended a planned and approved funeral in Kamenica. Three people were detained for having weapons without WAC cards. The event was peaceful.

Yesterday evening, 5 French KFOR soldier were hit by a car in the vicinity of the headquarters of the French Infantry Battalion in Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North. Two of the soldiers were slightly injured and were taken to the French medical facility. The car was subsequently stopped and the driver arrested. It is assessed that this was an accident and not a planned attack.

Several cars were stopped and controlled in KFOR vehicle checkpoints in Multinational Brigade West yesterday. As a result of this, an AK-47 assault rifle, three pistols and a hand grenade were confiscated.

This night in Pec, at 01:20 hrs, an explosion was heard near the HQ of Multinational Brigade West in Pec. The explosion originated from an anti-tank rocket being thrown against a bar. The offender injured himself in the attack, and was taken to the civilian hospital by KFOR Military Police.

A UNMIK patrol discovered a hand grenade rigged as a mine trap in a café in Brodosavce, 11 kilometers south of Prizren, Multinational Brigade South. A KFOR explosive ordnance disposal team disposed of the grenade.

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