Updated: 22 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


20 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

Yesterday, Commander KFOR visited the area of responsibility of the United Arab Emirates, in Multinational Brigade North. General Dr. Reinhardt also took the opportunity to stop in the Serb village of Priluzje, located 10 km south-east of Vucitrn, where 3,700 Serbs are living. The mayor of the village expressed his satisfaction with KFOR's effort to protect the local population and Commander KFOR reiterated his commitment to maintain a secure environment in the area. The issue of coal delivery to the village was also addressed and Commander KFOR offered to help bringing coal to meet the basic heating requirements of the village.

Yesterday evening, KFOR troops tried to save the life of a 38-year-old Serb man found shot in Kosovo Polje, in Multinational Brigade Centre. The man was given first aid and was brought by civilians to a KFOR medical facility, where he died. In a follow-up operation conducted to secure the area, KFOR troops found two weapons, although it is not sure if they were related to the earlier crime. The investigation was handed-over to UNMIK Police.

Yesterday afternoon, an Albanian man suffering from a gunshot wound was brought through the northern boundary into Kosovo by local Albanians. He was taken to the nearby Podujevo hospital and later transferred to Pristina hospital for treatment. KFOR is currently investigating this incident as well as reports of shooting near the Kosovo boundary.

Yesterday afternoon, KFOR was informed of the discovery of a human skeleton in the area of Podujevo. UNMIK Police are investigating this find and no further information is available at this time.

Over the last weeks, British KFOR troops have distributed shelter kits to the population in Podujevo and the surrounding area in co-operation with the non-governmental organisation World Vision and members of the provisional Kosovo Protection Corps. The KPC has also been involved, under the supervision of KFOR, in the reconstruction of two bridges in the area.

Multinational Brigade Centre has also distributed a total of 17 tons of winter wheat seeds to minorities in the villages of Devet Jugovica, Donja Brnjica and Gornja Brnjica.

Yesterday evening in Kacanik, in Multinational Brigade East, a grenade explosion injured five Albanians, including three men and two women. Two were badly injured and evacuated to Pristina hospital. An initial investigation revealed that this was an accidental explosion of a grenade owned by one of the men.

An explosion caused minor damage to a house in Vitina yesterday night. A KFOR patrol was sent to investigate and reported a probable fragmentation grenade attack. This incident is still under investigation.

A road traffic accident involving a KFOR vehicle and a civilian vehicle occurred yesterday evening at Tankosic, 10 km east of Urosevac. Civilian passengers, who suffered only minor injuries, were treated at Camp Bondsteel and later escorted back to their homes.

Multinational Brigade East delivered school supplies, sport equipment and uniforms donated by the German government to the school in Mogila. The brigade also delivered stoves to the villages of Lovce and Bilince.

A road traffic accident involving a KFOR vehicle was reported yesterday in Bujub Mal, in Multinational Brigade West. Two civilians were injured, including one who was evacuated to Pristina hospital with serious wounds. One KFOR personnel was slightly injured and treated on site. The investigation revealed that the civilian vehicle was at fault.

Over the last days, brigade troops transported humanitarian aid from Klina to the village of Vranovac. They also delivered humanitarian aid given by the organisation MPDL to Istok.

A quick intervention by a Multinational Brigade South patrol allowed the arrest of three looters yesterday afternoon in Posko, near Prizren. They were handed over to UNMIK Police.

Multinational Brigade North reported several ongoing humanitarian projects being conducted in partnership with the local population and non-governmental organisations. To date, KFOR's United Arab Emirates battalion repaired 70 houses in Vucitrn. Over the last two days, a KFOR Danish battalion transported building materials for the non-governmental organisation NRC to the village of Zaza, located 10 km north of Mitrovica. Brigade trucks also brought prefabricated units from the NGO ACTED to the new Roma camp near Zvecan.

The brigade reported that the building previously occupied by their CIMIC Centre has been returned to the city of Mitrovica, which is now using the facilities as a cultural centre.

Reminder from yesterday's statement: On Sunday, November 21st, you are invited to the official opening, by Commander KFOR, of the Kosovo Railway Network. The railway network has been repaired by the Italian Railway Regiment and is a significant contribution from Italy to the reconstruction and the return to normality in Kosovo., The network will enhance the capability to deliver goods already brought into Kosovo by KFOR from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. More information on this media opportunity is posted on our information board.

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