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19 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Release

by KFOR Spokesperson

The overall situation in Kosovo was calm throughout the brigades over the
last 24 hours. Yesterday, the NATO Military Committee visited Kosovo. The purpose of the visit was to familiarise their members with the nature of KFOR's tasks, challenges and operational environment. During the day, they met with Commander KFOR and visited Multinational Brigade North in order to have a feel of the situation in the field.

The Committee, chaired by Admiral Guido Venturoni (Italy), is the highest
military authority in NATO and gathers senior military representatives acting on behalf of their chiefs of Defence. Its principal role is to provide direction and advice on military policy and strategy.

By the way, if you want to know more about NATO and its structure you can
get the NATO handbook provided for free at the front desk. You can also
visit the NATO web site at: http://www.nato.int/

Since yesterday, people across the world can visit the KFOR ON LINE web
site. This site, updated daily, provides valuable current and background
information on KFOR, including all brigades. It is also a source where you
will be able to find our daily news update and all releases disseminated by
KFOR. This site can be accessed at: http://www.kforonline.com/ You will
notice that KFOR ON LINE will be expanded over the next days, and will
eventually include our newspaper, the KFOR Chronicle, and a photo gallery.

Over the last weeks, the CIMIC Centre in Mitrovica, in Multinational Brigade
North, put together a list of 2000 people who were looking for work. For
this week alone 45 were hired by non-governmental organisations working in
the area.

Starting Monday, KFOR troops from the Belgium National Support Element and the Greek Force Support Unit will transport 1000 cubic metres of firewood from a warehouse in Leposavic, in Multinational Brigade North, to Kosovo Polje, in Multinational Brigade Centre. The firewood has been donated by the Japanese non-governmental organisation AAR and KFOR will use military vehicles to bring this impressive amount of cargo to the population of Kosovo Polje. This humanitarian operation will be conducted over the entire week. Other similar deliveries will be done over the next weeks as part of KFOR's support to UNHCR relief efforts.

Multinational Brigade West reported yesterday afternoon and early this
morning the confiscation of weapons at checkpoints in Pec, Lablajana (east
of Pec) and Vitomirica (northeast of Pec), and during a search operation
conducted in Mrasor, 18 km northeast of Dakovica.

Yesterday afternoon, during a house search in Musutiste, 17 km northeast of
Prizren in Multinational Brigade South, UNMIK police and KFOR arrested three men suspected of assault and confiscated two carbines and rounds of

Multinational Brigade East reported a calm situation across their area of
operation yesterday and overnight.

On Sunday, November 21st, you are invited to the official opening, by
Commander KFOR, of the Kosovo Railway Network. The railway network has been repaired by the Italian Railway Regiment and is a significant contribution from Italy to the reconstruction and the return to normality in Kosovo. The network will enhance the capability to deliver goods already brought into Kosovo by KFOR from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. More information on this media opportunity is posted on our information board.

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