Updated: 18 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


18 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

Today, the NATO Military Committee is visiting Kosovo. The purpose of the visit is to familiarise the members of the Military Committee with the nature of KFOR's tasks, challenges and operational environment. The Committee, chaired by Admiral Guido Venturoni (Italy), is the highest military authority in NATO and gathers senior military representatives acting on behalf of their chiefs of Defence. Its principal role is to provide direction and advice on military policy and strategy. During this one-day sojourn, members of the Military Committee will meet with Commander KFOR and will later conduct filed visits in brigades areas of responsibility.


A tragic road traffic accident occurred yesterday morning in Dakovica, in Multinational Brigade West, when a 12-year-old boy was killed by a KFOR truck. Military Police have launched an investigation on this regrettable event.

The brigade also reported the confiscation of one pistol at a vehicle checkpoint in Dakovica yesterday.

Yesterday in Trpeza, in Multinational Brigade East, KFOR troops detained five men suspected of having placed an explosive device into an abandoned house. The men were intercepted shortly after reception of a report mentioning suspicious activity in the area.

Yesterday evening in Gnilane, KFOR tower guards returned fire after two bursts of AK-47 were fired in the vicinity of their position. The area was searched but the gunmen were not identified.

KFOR soldiers caught six people with a wagon full of stolen goods 7 km southwest of Strpce yesterday evening. The six are being held and questioned at the Bondsteel Detention Facility.

Yesterday morning in Multinational Brigade South, KFOR troops provided first aid to the passenger of a bus entering Kosovo from Albania. The bus had received 20 gunshots prior to crossing the Kosovo border. The slightly injured individual was handed over to UNMIK Police for questioning.

In Marina, in Multinational Brigade North yesterday, two RPG-7 rockets were fired at a KFOR Russian armoured personnel carrier. Some shrapnel hit the vehicle, but fortunately nobody was injured. KFOR troops searched the area but the attackers were not found.

The situation was calm in the area of operation of Multinational Brigade Centre yesterday and overnight. Sporadic burst of small arms fire were heard but no injuries or damage were reported.

Throughout all brigades, KFOR engineers are conducting road improvement works, including in the northwest of Malisevo and at the Rakovina River Bridge (Multinational Brigade South), at the Gnjilane bypass (Multinational Brigade East), in Pec (Multinational Brigade West), and at the Vrani Do bypass (Multinational Brigade Centre).

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